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First Impressions

Even as the culturati flocked to an acclaimed Impressionism show at the Denver Art Museum circa 1999, the event's co-curators, DAM's Timothy Standring and London's Ann Dumas, were considering an ambitious sequel. More than seven years later, Inspiring Impressionism has finally arrived, and those who take in today's debut will see a unique presentation. "Frequently, we begin with Impressionism and look forward," Standring says. "This is the first exhibition that looks at Impressionists backwards, showing how they had a compelling relationship with all sorts of art."

Of the approximately one hundred works on display, around forty come from artistic giants such as Raphael and Titian, whose work served as an inspiration for subsequent Impressionist-era works that will hang alongside them. Representatives of the latter group include Monet and Paul Cézanne, whose "Still Life With Statuette" qualifies as the program's "most extraordinary object," in Standring's view. The juxtaposition puts Impressionism in a historical context even as it gives museum-goers more bang for their buck. "It's like the Mall of America. You get ten exhibitions for the price of one ticket!" Standring declares.

Tickets are $12 to $20; children under five get in free. Find details at 720-865-5000 or
Feb. 23-May 25, 2008


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