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For a Good Time…

Everyone has a bad-date story. Some of us have lots of them. And singles coach Carolyn Ferber confesses that after her divorce, she "experienced a number of dating relationships in which lying on a bed of nails would have been more comfortable and less painful!"

Last month, Ferber solicited bad-date stories from people across town, and tonight the top six stories (three each from men and women) will be recognized at the Worst Date Survivors' Benefit Event. Those who suffered through the very worst will be rewarded with a dream date with music promoter Kay McCarthy or Channel 7's Russell Haythorn. The festivities, which include a singles mixer, silent auction and raffle, kissing booth, appetizer buffet and dancing, run from 6 p.m. to midnight at the Crystal Rose, 9755 East Hampden Avenue. Tickets are $45 in advance, $55 at the door, with $25 earmarked for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado Inc. For information on the event, go to; for more on Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit

And for more information about Ferber's bad dates? "People keep asking me about that," she says, then tells about a man who brought his dog along — which insisted on sitting in Ferber's lap. "I feel pretty fortunate after some of the stories I've heard."
Fri., Oct. 13


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