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Fore Play
Ethan Wenberg

Fore Play

THURS, 6/16

I am not a Sporty Spice. I don't voluntarily play, attend or view any sporting event unless coerced by friends or a date, and not without the promise of a generous supply of alcohol. When I hear the word "golf," my first thought is usually of windmills and clowns. But this week could be different.

Starting today and lasting through Sunday, June 26, Denver is hosting the 2005 U.S. Women's Open Championship. During the course of the tournament, more than 150 professional and amateur female golfers will compete at the Cherry Hills Country Club, 4125 South University Boulevard.

Although the Ladies Professional Golf Association's unwritten policy is to play the "don't ask, don't tell" card, players keep coming out of the closet -- and that brings out a certain type of fan. If some 15,000 lesbians can converge upon Palm Springs every March for its notorious Dinah Shore golf tournament, a solo Sapphic sister like myself has got to have some chance at fore-play during Denver's mini-Dinah. Coincidentally (or not?), the Open is scheduled on the same weekend as PrideFest: If that doesn't prove God is a dyke, I don't know what does.

While I don't have the big bucks to lay down for a deluxe Clubhouse ticket package, I plan to scrape up enough lunch money for a few singles, which range from $15 to $230. Kids seventeen and under are treated to free admission, plus other goodies, when accompanied by a ticketed adult. Get your own game on -- even if you're straight -- by visiting or calling 303-806-OPEN or 1-877-325-GOLF. -- Debra A. Meyers

Everybody in the Water!
The Aurora Reservoir is back in business.
SAT, 6/18

Aurorans have struggled mightily with the drought over the past two summers.

During my forays through the suburb, I've witnessed Aquafina fights in cul-de-sacs, cut short when participants decided to conserve water for future battles. I've seen a confused toddler sitting in a small bucket of collected rainwater under a drainpipe, his parents snapping photographs of him in his arm floaties. Water-loving residents have been forced to get creative, for sure, but now things are getting back to normal.

For the first time in two years, the Aurora Reservoir, 5800 South Powhatan Road, will open its gates to swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts today, during a free celebration called Our Beach Is Back. From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., human sponges can enjoy food and live music, win prizes, and submerge themselves in the cool, precious water. A reservoir pass is not required for entry, nor is proof of residency, so Denverites, take note: It shouldn't be that hard to wax Auroran for an afternoon. For information, call 303-690-1286 or visit -- Adam Cayton-Holland


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