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Back in 1908, Henry Ford profoundly altered American society by making his Model T car affordable to the masses by selling them for only $950. While that doesn't buy much these days, life without automobiles is hard to imagine. To celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of the Ford Motor Company, the Aurora History Museum, 15051 East Alameda Parkway, Aurora, is housing an antique-car exhibit called America's Model T.

"Everyone says, 'This is exactly what my dad used to drive,'" says Arlin Tawzer, a spokesman for the museum. The exhibit, which runs through April 6, includes a 1926 Model T Roadster and a partially assembled Model T chassis, both set up in a garage-like exhibit. "To get the Roadster into the museum, we had to disassemble the car, carry it in piece by piece and then reassemble it, which was pretty cool," says Rick Holdaway, membership chairman for the Model T Ford Club, Mile High Chapter, which lent the two cars to the museum. "They're fun cars to work on, and they're amazing to drive."

This Saturday, March 29, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the museum is also sponsoring a Model T Rally, with over twenty of the old autos expected to parade through historic Aurora. Admission to both the museum and the rally is free; call 303-539-6600 for more information.

"It's definitely a nostalgia thing," says Tawzer. "I think people miss these simple cars that you could actually work on out back in the garage."


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