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Fringe Benefits

All this weekend, the University of Colorado at Boulder campus will be brimming with lust, gluttony and greed. Thankfully for the school’s public-relations team, none of it will involve the football team. The culprit is the eighth annual, free-to-the-public CU Fringe Festival, taking place in the school’s Theatre and Dance Building. “This year our theme is the seven deadly sins,” says Liz Brent of OnStage, CU’s performing-arts group and festival producer.

From a wrathful theatrical deconstruction of the Iraq War to envy-inducing fashion and drag shows, the festival’s cutting-edge works are packed with wicked indulgence. But what about tonight’s comedic performance of The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged? What sin does that represent? “Maybe sloth,” suggests Brent. The show is like CliffsNotes for those too lazy to read the real thing.

Sounds perfect for a sluggish football player. Head up tonight at 6 p.m. for the kickoff, or anytime tomorrow and Sunday between 10 a.m. and midnight. For more information, go to
Fri., April 27, 6 p.m.-midnight; Sat., April 28, 10-midnight; Sun., April 29, 10-midnight


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