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Fungus Among Us

The rugged San Juan Mountains near Telluride are well known for their abundance of wild mushrooms. In good years, skilled fungi-hunters take full advantage of the area’s profusion of boletes and chanterelles, two delicacies that are among the favorite edible varieties of many mushroom gatherers. No coincidence, then, that Telluride is also home to Shroomfest — or, more formally, the annual Telluride Mushroom Festival.

Now in its 31st season, Shroomfest is a four-day mycological celebration that covers everything from edible or medicinal mushrooms to species that are toxic or psychedelic. This year’s keynote speaker is renowned mycologist and author Paul Stamets. “It’s a great honor to have Paul back with us again this year. His knowledge of [mushrooms] is unparalleled,” says Shroomfest director Art Goodtimes.

In his 2005 book, Mycelium Running, Stamets laid out compelling arguments for the use of fungi in everything from decomposing toxic waste to reducing silt produced from agriculture to controlling insect populations. “His work in remediation — using oyster mushrooms to clean up oil spills — is groundbreaking,” Goodtimes says. Other speakers include Gary Lincoff, from the New York Botanical Garden, noted mycologist Michael Beug and Telluride Mushroom Festival founder Emanuel Salzman.

There will also be slide presentations; music, dance and poetry performances; discussion groups; panels; a hands-on growing workshop; movies; an identification fair; and a cook-and-taste. For more information, visit
Aug. 18-21, 2011


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