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Things are going to the dogs at macymacy.
Things are going to the dogs at macymacy.

Fur Real

THURS, 5/12

Meet Murray, a teacup Chihuahua with a tiny, quivering nose, bat ears and deep, mooning eyes that could launch a thousand Keene portraits in a single wink. He greets you with his sliver of a tail tucked daintily between matchstick legs and tender pussywillow paws, looking jaunty, if uneasy, in a yellow-and-orange-collared coat. It was Murray (and his ilk) who launched the imagination of his talented owner, Macy Matarazzo, whose new pet boutique, macymacy, at 1612 East 17th Avenue, brings an instant wag to the Uptown neighborhood.

Matarazzo, an artist and lapsed puppeteer, began making dog clothes while living with another Chihuahua in Iowa during the dead of winter. Since she moved to Denver eight years ago, her doggie-couture business has taken off, finally jelling into a truly original retail concept. Now, in addition to winter coats, she makes adorable outfits for any season -- from flowery dresses to terry poolside capes -- that she'll either sew to order or sell off the rack. (Custom gear costs a little more.)

What else will you find in store? How about chenille bone pillows, vintage ceramic cats and dogs, squeaky toys shaped like tulip stems and lucky carp, doggie bow ties and barbecue- flavored squirrel treats? And for cats, Matarazzo offers knitted poodles or goldfish suspended on yarn, arty Mondrian-style corrugated-cardboard scratching boxes that can be mounted on the wall, and her own Feline Fun Bags -- cat-tested catnip encased in a fleece pouch embellished with feathers. Peruse it all at macymacy's grand-opening event, tonight from 6 to 9 p.m., featuring fashion shows on the macymacy stage ("I've discovered that dogs like mirrors," Matarazzo notes), a whimsical doggie photo booth, and treats for everyone.

Call 303-320-1161 for info. And don't forget to say hi to Murray. -- Susan Froyd

Headline Jews
The editor of HeeB magazine is completely unorthodox.
THURS, 5/12

As religious publications go, HeeB magazine falls well short of reverence -- and thank goodness. A recent issue of the self-proclaimed "New Jew Review" featured a cover shot of the Beastie Boys betting on dreidel spins and an article declaring the Kabbalah Centre to be "the most star-studded scene since Studio 54."

HeeB's editor, Joshua Neuman, who's making local appearances today and tomorrow, is the man behind this in-print mitzvah, and his brand of cheeky satire (which also dominates The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies, co-authored with David Deutsch) has been winning converts at a rapid clip. Last year, the Chicago Tribune included HeeB on its list of the country's fifty best magazines for the way it helps readers embrace their "inner dweeb." Oy.

Neuman signs magazines and books at 5 p.m. today at the LoDo Tattered Cover, 1628 16th Street, with a talk immediately following; he speaks again tomorrow at 8 p.m. at Lindsey Auditorium on the DU campus. The events kick off a monthly discussion group sponsored by Judaism Your Way, a local organization dedicated to providing an alternative tie to Jewish culture for Jews and non-Jews alike.

For more information, call 303-320-6185. -- Michael Roberts

Cock of the Walk
SUN, 5/15

Chicken Street is a famous shopping avenue in Kabul, but you needn't book a hotel in the Afghan capital to get your hands on authentic native wares. Just head up Highway 36 today for Chicken Street Boulder, running from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Arts Paper, 1838 Pine Street, where Afghan embroidery, clothing and crafts from the Afghans4Tomorrow Vocational and Training Center in Kabul are being exhibited and sold to benefit the school. Inaugurated in early 2004, the center helps educate children deprived of schooling during the Taliban regime and offers vocational training for handicapped kids and land-mine victims. Donations of clothing patterns and sewing and tailoring items are welcome and appreciated. For information, call 303-444-1886 or visit -- Adam Cayton-Holland

Tout Va Bien
Jane Fonda is finally on the up-and-up.
MON, 5/16

Jane Fonda has portrayed an intergalactic sex kitten, a military wife who falls for a paralyzed Vietnam vet, and an adult daughter desperately seeking her aloof father's affection. Off the screen, she's fought against the Vietnam War and for civil rights, aerobicized herself into a fitness fanatic and been subsumed by marriages to several powerful prominent men -- Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner. For much of her life, Fonda has also battled bulimia and depression and the fallout from a dismal childhood, which included a rocky relationship with her phlegmatic father, legendary actor Henry Fonda, and a mentally ill mother who committed suicide when she was twelve. Now Fonda is speaking out about her experiences and touring in support of her autobiography, My Life So Far, which depicts her journey to the fulfillment that she's found in her seventh decade. Catch her today at noon at the LoDo Tattered Cover, 1628 16th Street. For more information, call 303-436-1070 or visit -- Debra A. Myers


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