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In The Do-Deca-Pentathlon, the latest film by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, two adult siblings go head-to-head to determine the winner of a long-lost childhood competition. But this isn’t just the revival of an old rivalry: Fictional brethren Jeremy (played by Mark Kelly) and Mark (Steve Zissis) use the backdrop of a family reunion to compete in a strenuous, 25-event championship that includes everything from swimming and running to Ping-Pong and laser-tag skills.

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon taps into anyone’s experience with familial competitiveness,” says Keith Garcia, programming manager for the Denver Film Society and the Denver FilmCenter, where the movie opens tonight. Not only is this a great pre-game movie for fans of the Summer 2012 Olympic Games, but Garcia sees it as a nice return to the duo’s indie-filmmaking roots. Recently, the sibling writing-and-directing team moved up in the movie world with Cyrus and Jeff, Who Lives at Home; with Do-Deca, they relied not only on a more modest budget, but presumably on a font of sibling-rivalry memories as well.

The Denver FilmCenter is at 2510 East Colfax Avenue; for tickets and showtimes, call 303-595-3456 or go to
July 6-12, 2012


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