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Gathering of the Clouds

As monikers go, Overcasters is a magnificent name for a rock-and-roll band, especially one as noisy, tempestuous and imposing as the outfit that Kurt Ottaway leads. It also happens to be an apt metaphor for the ominous pall that's hung over the musician's endeavors from the very beginning. Every significant event in his career has been marked by some sort of turmoil, starting with an automobile accident right around his 21st birthday in which he almost died in a car crash to forming Overcasters after severely injuring his hand when he got caught in the middle of a fight between his Chesapeake Bay retrievers. After delivering two exceptional albums, Overcasters are celebrating the release of their outstanding third record Curses//Prayers in style with the second edition of a three-day festival featuring them with all their favorite bands. Tonight is the last night of the three-night stand.
Sat., Feb. 25, 2012


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