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Gefilte Trip

Jewtopia the book is an ultimate inside joke: It takes one to know one, after all, and that's just the kind of humor the quasi-handbook/history projects. And Jewtopia the play draws on the outer limit of Judaism — its relationship to the non-Jewish world — by telling the story of a gentile who longs to date a Jewish woman. If you were to take both approaches and smoosh them up together in a ball of Judeo-Christian mud, you'd probably get something like World of Jewtopia, a two-man comedy tour de force by collaborators Bryan Fogel (a native Denverite) and Sam Wolfson, the creative duo behind the entire Jewtopia empire.

"It's kind of an Inconvenient Truth for Jews," Fogel says of the multimedia show, which, in addition to excerpts from the book and the play, includes big-screen projections and a healthy slice of raucous audience participation. But instead of appealing to the mass social conscience, like Al Gore did, the two bait their audiences with such questions as "Who's the world's most popular Jew?" (Jesus, it turns out) and, with lurid visual prompts, "What disgusting Jewish food is this?"

The touring production, a prelude to new directions for Fogel and Wolfson — who have everything from a Wes Anderson/Owen Wilson-style film project to an animated TV pilot in the works — stops in for a one-night stand at the Paramount Theatre, 1621 Glenarm Place, tonight at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $34.50 to $49.50, and Fogel suggests that you bring your daughters: "I'm always trying to get set up with daughters." Call 1-866-461-6556 or go to
Sat., Dec. 1, 2007


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