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Getting Around Oil

The topic of tonight’s Chautauqua forum, “The Future of Transportation: How Will We Get Around When Cheap Oil is Gone?” is more relevant than ever, even though the “when” might already be outdated. People like Karen Worminghaus, co-founder of Boulder CarShare, see a silver lining to soaring gas prices: It could be the wake-up call we need to put the car in its proper place.

That’s always been the mission of Boulder CarShare, Worminghaus explains. Formed in 1997, the non-profit organization was designed to make people think about the individual trips they make and what transportation mode makes the most sense, both in terms of the environment and economics. The group has ninety members who share seven cars and a pickup truck, reserving a vehicle when they need it at In addition to a joining fee and a small monthly fee, members pay $1 an hour plus fifty cents a mile to take a car out. It’s the fifty cents a mile that adds up; depending on how far they need to go, members can calculate whether it’s cheaper to drive or take the bus. The result is that people tend to use a car only when they’re going somewhere that’s difficult by bus, or when they’re going on a big shopping trip and need a car to haul everything home.

CarShare will be just one of the alternatives to owning a car discussed at tonight’s panel discussion, part of the Chautauqua Summer Sustainability Forum Series sponsored by Boulder County Going Local! Other panelists include Chris Hagelin on behalf of GO Boulder; Drew Bascue with the Boulder Office of Environmental Affairs; Rich Points of Community Cycles; and Glenn Lieberman with Ski Carpool. The talk begins at 7 p.m. at 900 Baseline Road in Boulder and costs $5; call 303-442-3282 or visit
Mon., June 16, 2008


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