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Giddy Up

The members of Knoxville, Tennessee’s Yee-Haw Industries have been blurring the lines between art and design for more than a decade. Displaying a certain sly, self-deprecating humor, they call their works “art-like products.” Despite the disclaimer, however, these distinctive, handmade letter-press prints are as appealing and attractive as anything hanging on the wall of any gallery in town. Appearing as concert posters, stationery, greeting cards and in many other forms, including fine-art prints, they show up in a lot more places than you would expect to find the average “work of art.” Yee-Haw’s excellent design sense and friendly, folksy aesthetic caught the attention of local gallery owner and graphic designer Nicky Alden.

Alden says it’s the group’s sense of humor that really appeals to her. “Their artwork and the posters that they do are just a lot of fun, and they use vibrant colors,” she explains. “The words that they use are really fun, and the imagery they use is whimsical and playful and a little cartoonish.”

Judge for yourself when a new Yee-Haw show opens tonight at the Ink Lounge Gallery, 445 South Saulsbury Street in Lakewood’s Belmar complex, with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. The show runs through the end of July; part of the sale proceeds will be donated to poverty-reduction organizations in India and to a local school arts program. For more information, visit the gallery online at or call 303-321-7101. Sample Yee-Haw’s work at
June 13-July 31, 2008


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