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Glowing Golfing

I've always wanted to enjoy traditional golf, but at the tender age of six, I accidentally nailed my younger brother in the head with a driver. He had failed to inform me that he was walking behind me while I practiced. We both cried, he got stitches, and my lucrative Ladies Professional Golf Association career ended before it even began.

But I can handle miniature golf, with its kitschy hole-by-hole gimmicks, putters and wild, flashing lights. And when you combine the good, clean fun of mini-golf with psychedelic glow-in-the-dark balls and courses, you've either got one heck of an acid trip or a Putting Edge golf venue.

The Denver area is lucky enough to claim two Putting Edge courses, one in Westminster (10685 Westminster Boulevard, 720-887-1177) and one at Colorado Mills (14500 West Colfax Avenue, 303-202-0260). Both are open seven days a week. Visit for prices and hours.
Starts: Aug. 25. Daily, 2004


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