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Growing Concern

Anthony Garcia Sr. started the Birdseed Collective four years ago with the goal of building community by showcasing young and struggling artists while also bringing art classes and other programs to the at-risk youth of Globeville through the Street Kidz community center. And in a way, he can now measure the collective’s progress by the growth of its annual 100 on 100 Art Festival, which Garcia touts as a collection of works “by 100 artists on the100th day of the year.” The number of artists participating in this year’s event has already surpassed the requisite 100, he notes. “People need to realize that we’re a community; we’re not just individual artists,” he adds. “People need to start working together — that’s how to make the Denver art scene grow. We find hungry artists who are willing to work and produce, and help them realize that it’s not just every man for himself out there.”

Little by little, Birdseed is reaching those goals — and 100 on 100 definitely helps. “We want to help artists — especially the ones who are students and are learning to teach — and pay them to come teach at Street Kidz,” Garcia says. “But sometimes funding it all is so hard, to be able to pay people, provide art supplies and run programs every week.” As Birdseed grows, those programs are stretching to include such community-minded extras as a fresh-produce market, health and fitness classes, and even a newsletter for the Globeville, Swansea and Elyria neighborhoods.

Check out tonight’s 100 on 100 festivities, which include pop-up shops, sushi platters, live art and music, and a great chance to see new artists, from 6 p.m. to midnight at Carbon Gallery, 841 Santa Fe Drive; admission is $5 in advance or $10 at the door, and donations of new art supplies are requested. Visit the 100 on 100 Art Festival Facebook page for details.
Thu., April 10, 6 p.m.-midnight, 2014


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