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Hangra-Laaa means hangers get arty.

Hang On

We use them every day -- as closet organizers, drain un-cloggers and accessories for school projects and, at Halloween, for costumes. But how often do you really think about those vital pieces of twisted metal better known as hangers?

Art-Gineer/I.D. Studio owner Kef Parker plans to change all that with his Hangra-Laaa Design Competition.

"Take a wire or wood hanger, and redesign it," says Parker. "It does not have to function, but it must represent a hanger -- and it should be fun and creative. That's what this is all about."


Hangra-Laaa Design Competition

Opening Friday, August 1, 5:30 to 11 p.m.
Hanging through the end of September
Art-Gineer/I.D. Studio, 70 West 11th Street
$25 entry fee per piece
Call 303-534-3821 for more information

Inspired by a design show that Parker viewed recently in Milan, Italy, the competition's rules are simple: "Color it; cover it; feather it; smother it. Redesign it, or use any material you so choose, and design it into a hanger. It must represent a wire hanger and must fit within the size specifications of a wire hanger."

Hangra-Laaa is the recent Metro State industrial-design graduate's inaugural show. "I don't know what to expect," he says. "Denver is known for architectural, interior and graphic design. This is a way to introduce industrial design to Denver. There is a place for us here."

Entries accepted so far make use of Barbie dolls, a wedding veil, a tiara, red feathers and dental castings. One of Parker's creations, a metal hanger covered with condoms -- including one filled with sand -- is called "It's Your Fucking Hang-Up, I'm Wearing a Condom."

And don't worry if you haven't started designing your hanger yet. Entries for the competition will be accepted through Friday afternoon, August 1. Parker is hoping for about one hundred hangers, which will be suspended in his narrow studio.

Friday's opening party, part of the Golden Triangle's First Friday Art Walk, kicks off with music by a string quartet, followed by tunes spun by DJ K-Nee. "I want to bust this place wide open," say Parker of Denver's art scene. "I'm trying to tap into those people who want to get outside of the box and play."


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