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Happy Horror Days

“There’s no better programming for the holidays than a little Japanese ghost story,” says Denver FilmCenter programmer Keith Garcia. So anyone who’s looking for a break from Christmas overkill will feel right at home viewing the Japanese horror flick Kuroneko, made in 1968 by Kaneto Shindo, during its one-week holiday run at the center.

It's not as batshit crazy as Hausu, from Janus Films, but it’s a little more classic,” Garcia says, comparing Kuroneko, also a Janus reissue, to Nobuhiko Obayashi’s stylish cult-film gorefest. The story of a mother and daughter in medieval Japan who are raped and murdered by Samurai warriors and then, as spirits, continue to haunt the area, wreaking vengeance on the Samurai class, Kuroneko borrows elements from Japanese theater, with stunning visual results. “It’s kind of sexy and over the top, and it’s beautifully filmed,” adds Garcia. “The black-and-white cinematography is fantastic.”

Enjoy this formalized mess of art and atmosphere beginning today and continuing through December 30 at the Denver FilmCenter, 2510 East Colfax Avenue; tickets range from $7 to $9.75. Visit or call 303-595-3456.
Dec. 24-30, 2010


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