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Home on the Range

Winter changes everything. Although many of the simple pioneer pleasures offered at Four Mile Historic Park are available year-round, these activities take on a whole new sheen when frosted with beautiful snow and holiday sparkle. So Four Mile’s Pioneer Winter Camp, a four-day series of half-day programs for kids, might be just the thing for vacationing children ages six to eleven who are suffering from cabin fever.

“Most people haven’t even thought of enrolling their kids in anything over winter break,” says program director Karla Zelvis. “Suddenly, they’re asking themselves, ‘Oh, God, the kids are off for a week — what do we do?’ This is a drop-in camp: You can sign up to do it the day of camp and it’s only $30 a day, or register for all four days for $100.” For that incredible price, you get a different series of activities each day, from doughnut-making and taffy-pulling to feeding farm animals and riding in a horse-drawn wagon — not to mention a pair of rosy cheeks on every kid’s face.

Camp sessions are scheduled today, tomorrow and January 3 and 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; for information, call 720-865-0814 or go to
Dec. 27-28; Jan. 3-4, 2007


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