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Let the Games Begin

The Asian predilection for playing games — gambling games, in particular — rears its scheming head time and time again, as shown last year when Colorado Dragon Boat Festival director Erin Yoshimura threw a fundraising dinner with a side trip of mah-jongg and other wicked games. When it was time to sit down to eat, recalls CDBF’s Gil Asakawa, nobody wanted to stop playing.

Smart group. This year, they’ve turned the tables by hosting an Asian Game Night, where the games get top billing and the buffet dinner is the sideshow. “Games are the way a culture has fun,” notes Asakawa, “and they are an important tradition of that place or country, just as much as the food or anything else. But they don’t translate well to the festival, so this is one way to share that part of Asian culture.” To that end, in-the-know community members will lead game tables for the classic mah-jongg as well as the chess-like go, the card game hanafuda and something from the Philippines called sungka, to name a few; participants can break away to eat as they choose.

The games begin at 5:30 p.m. tonight at King’s Land Seafood Restaurant, 2200 West Alameda Avenue; admission is $50. For reservations and information, go to
Fri., Oct. 14, 5:30-9 p.m., 2011


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