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Light Fantastic

Art and technology seem to be at odds sometimes, but it doesn’t have to work that way. Technology can be used to create art and to illuminate the process of its creation, as it will tonight at the TechHub Art Party.

“What we do is integrate our technology in the store with the gallery,” explains Dave Whalen, one of TechHub’s partners. “We have a lot of interactivity -- we stream the artist live-painting to monitors. We have color-changing lights, and we can pull specific colors from the art being created and display those. We try to make it as interactive as possible.”

That technology will be used to illuminate the work of David Dohrmann, a Colorado artist whose work encompasses everything from graffiti to visionary art. As Dohrmann creates a piece live, TechHub’s tech will show it happen from multiple perspectives, including a first-person view that’s essentially exactly what the artist himself is seeing. More of Dohrmann’s work will fill the rest of the space, DJ Sam Warren will offer a soundtrack of soulful house music, and sponsor Breckenridge Brewery will provide free beer to make sure there’s enough party in this art party.

It kicks off 7 p.m. at TechHub, 1836 Blake Street. Admission is free. For more information, visit
Thu., Aug. 28, 7 p.m., 2014


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