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Love Is in the Air

The concept of "exquisite corpse" is simple: Images or objects from a plethora of collaborators are collected and assembled to form a unified composition. For the past several months, Katie Taft has spearheaded just such an exquisitely philanthropic project. It's called Lovely, and Taft has been asking everyone in the community to create a four-by-four-inch Bristol board; nobody is exempt.

"My goal is to have everybody in Denver make one," Taft says. "I would love to have the mayor and John Elway — big celebrities — but also have my mom and the kids I teach make one. I just want Denver to realize that there's creativity here and that we are a vibrant, creative place. So the more that I can involve people in making art and having them feel like they're involved in the art world — that's the large goal for me."

Originally imagined as a month-long experiment to raise money for the Working With Artists photography school (WWA) and encourage community collaboration, Lovely has taken on a life of its own, with more than 150 squares decorated to date — and the mural-in-progress is now on the move throughout the city.

"It's kind of fun getting people who wouldn't normally attempt to create any sort of creative object to do it," says Taft. "I just try to make them more comfortable by telling them that we all have a little bit of creativity and that what they make doesn't have to be perfect."

A minimum donation of $5 — which goes to buy new equipment for the kids at WWA — is requested per square. Get more information by e-mailing Taft at
Starts: Feb. 18. Daily, 2007


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