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Make a Splash

Some things never get old. Case in point? Winter Park closes out its seventieth anniversary season today with the 42nd annual Spring Splash, and the spectacle of skiers and snowboarders hucking themselves over an icy pond and into the drink in full gaper gear is still hilarious.

"Though most end up in and not making it across the pond, it’s a great spectator event and lighthearted way to end another great season,” says Winter Park spokeswoman Mistalynn Lee. The event dates back to the 1968 Gelendesplash — as do some of the costumes you'll see on the slopes. "Hasn't changed much!" Lee notes proudly.

Raid your parents' closet for vintage gear, register at the Balcony House from 8 to 10:30 a.m. ($20 for Splash Race only, $39 for Splash and lift ticket), then spend the day working up whatever liquid courage it's going to take to get you wet. There will be season passes and cash prizes on the line along with your last shreds of human dignity as you barrel your way through an obstacle course on the Larry Sale trail and toward your frosty fate. Post up in the Plaza peanut gallery around noon if you're just in it for the heckling. The entry fee is $20, or $39 with a lift ticket included; for details, visit or call 1-970-726-1564.
Sun., April 18, 2010


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