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Map Out an Adventure

The goal of is to discover and share obscure and esoteric locations, with a little help from its online followers. Today the site will launch what it hopes will become an annual Atlas Obscura Day, and it’s encouraging its followers to host outings to curiosities in their own town.

Locally, the Colorado Steampunks have organized a day of exploration in honor of the new holiday. Steampunk is a new design, fashion and LARP (live-action role-playing) movement that mixes history and science fiction in a Jules Verne-like vision of the future. The “Commodore” of the group, Kronda Seibert, describes it as “participating in the never-was.”

Join the Steampunks as they head down to Colorado Springs to visit the Ghost Town Wild West Museum, 400 South 21st Street, at 9 a.m., then move on to the Glen Eyrie Castle, 3820 North 30th Street, for afternoon tea, and end the day at Garden of the Gods. “This is a day to go adventuring and check out something obscure that you might not do on your own,” Seibert says. “It encourages people to get out and stretch their wings.”

You must reserve your space at; reservations are free, but the tea is $16 (including tax and gratuity), and admission to the museum is another $5.50. For more information, visit the Colorado Steampunks on Facebook.
Sat., March 20, 2010


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