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Meerkats in the Bag

Jumping out of Africa's Kalahari Desert and onto the big screen, cuddly meerkats are coming to IMAX at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in Meerkats 3D. Watch a family of these adorable members of the mongoose family as they grow up from pups, deal with turf wars and ward off attacks from predators, as the National Geographic film looks at the unique way that meerkats team up and employ thirty distinct calls to communicate.

"Meerkats work surprisingly well together," says museum spokeswoman Charlotte Hurley. "They live in groups of up to twenty and each play a role that benefits the entire group. Whether gathering food, keeping a look out for predators, or taking care of the babies, they work as a team."

See the clan in action in this family documentary, which opens today in the museum's Phipps IMAX Theater, 2001 Colorado Boulevard. For show times and tickets, $6 to $10 (museum package deals are also available), visit
Sept. 6-Feb. 13, 2013


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