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Meet Him In San Luis

Colorado painter Emilio Lobato invariably refers in his work — if only obliquely — to his family’s deep roots in the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado. He does it principally through his severely limited palette, which is dominated by the somber tones of the Southwestern scenery, and by the Spanish titles he typically picks for his mixed-media pieces. But there’s more to his compositions than that, since his vaguely geometric work not only riffs on post-minimalism, but also tips a brush to his mentor, the late abstractionist Mary Chenoweth, with whom he studied at Colorado College.

Lobato's latest body of work is on view in the exhibit Casi Casi (Bit by Bit), at the William Havu Gallery, 1040 Cherokee Street. The show runs through April 2.

“This is our seventh solo show for Emilio,” notes Nick Ryan, Havu’s gallery manager, “and because of that, we’ve been able to watch his work progress over many years. This new work is truly extraordinary. It’s a departure from the strictly linear style we’ve seen from Emilio over the past few years, but it’s also a synthesis of that and of his earlier, more organic compositions.”

For more information, call 303-893-2360 or go to
Feb. 25-April 2, 2011


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