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Mile Hi Sci Fi

Make no mistake: MileHiCon 43 is a literary science-fiction convention. “We do have discussions on media and movies, and on rare occasions we have media guests,” says convention chairwoman Linda Nelson. “But mostly we have authors, and our emphasis is definitely the literature.”

On the other hand, it will almost certainly be the only literary convention you attend this year that features robot fights.

“On Sunday, we always have a Critter Crunch, which is robot sumo wrestling,” Nelson says. “We’ve been doing this for over 23 years — before Robot Wars, before anyone was doing it.” But that’s far from all the convention has to offer: It also hosts dozens of panels — more than you could even hope to attend — and over 100 authors, including luminaries like Vernor Vinge and Glen Cook, this year’s guests of honor, and, as toastmaster, everyone’s favorite local horror-rotica scribe, Mario Acevedo. Plus, there’s a costume contest. “We get everything from Klingons to robots to zombies to faeries,” Nelson says. “Really, if you like science fiction, you’ll find something to love about this convention. I just can’t imagine somebody who loves science fiction not finding something they would find interesting.”

MileHiCon 43 starts at 3 p.m. today at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center, 7800 East Tufts Avenue, and continues through the weekend; registration ranges from $18 for a single day to $42 for the whole shebang. For passes, a full event schedule or more information, visit
Fri., Oct. 21, 2011


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