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Mommy Time

For moms who are sick of tradition, the Corner Office is planning a funkier way to celebrate Mother's Day this year: the Sexy Mama Disco Brunch.

"There are so many moms that I know that are young and hip and fun, and even moms that are my mom's age who are baby-boomers and grew up in the '60s," says the Corner Office's general manager Dana Faulk, "and they wanna do something different."

As a continuation of its weekly Disco Brunch, the restaurant is offering free champagne and ten-minute chair massages for moms, as well as a kids' buffet room ($5 for kids under five and $10 for the older ones) complete with an attendant so mothers can take a break from their little ones. There will be disco jams from DJ Funkytown, a dress-up box with boas and leisure suits so moms can get into the spirit, and menu items like disco biscuits ($6), far-out sweet corn crepes ($9), and Southern-style chicken and waffles ($16).

And Faulk stresses that this brunch isn't only for mothers of actual human beings; mommies of pets are also welcome to come enjoy the fun and celebrate their furry children. The Sexy Mama Disco Brunch runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. today at the Corner Office, 1401 Curtis Street. Reservations are required; make yours by calling 303-825-6500 or visiting
Sun., May 13, 9 a.m., 2012


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