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Money Matters

“Money can be pretty serious,” says Lynn Grasberg. “How’s that for an understatement?”

The musical comedienne knows there are some issues people need to laugh about, and money is certainly one of them. Tonight at Laughing All the Way to the Bank, she’s sure to help you forget about your fiscal worries for a while. Grasberg calls herself a speaker, trainer and humor activator. She’s also the author of Bounce Back! The New Play Ethic at Work. In honor of the end of tax season, she plans to perform “Putting Off the Rest,” a sing-along she wrote in the style of an Irish pub song about procrastination. Grasberg says much of her act is improv, playing off the audience’s suggestions, so no one knows exactly what to expect.

Her after-hours performance at Key Bank, 2590 Pearl Street in Boulder, starts at 5 p.m.; light refreshments will be included. To RSVP, call Tobi Hunt at 720-406-6907; Hunt plans monthly talks at the bank. “The price is right: free,” she says.
Mon., April 30, 5 p.m.


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