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Monkeys Around

You didn't catch bird flu this year. You watched the Dems dominate the polls. And you saw that one Real World girl kiss that other Real World girl — in Denver! Those are reasons enough for many of you to put your copy of Now That's What I Call Christmas 3 on repeat for the next week and a half. For the rest of us, the only holiday spirit we have left is ninety-proof and going fast.

Those in the latter group, take heart: Today is Monkey Day, a "respite from the traditional religious holidays permeating the month of December" and an "excuse to hang out with friends and family dressed as monkeys and grunt at one another" — at least according to the Monkey Day Foundation ( Need we say more? So put down the bottle, put on your favorite monkey mask and round up your crew. It's time to go b-a-n-a-n-a-s.
Thu., Dec. 14


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