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Monster Mash

Gory, gross and over the top, Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator isn’t just an all-time classic of the horror genre; it’s also a showcase for what can be achieved with practical effects. Full of headless freaks, attacking intestines and splattery kills, it’s a time capsule of the pre-digital filmmaking era. That alone makes it a perfect selection for the University of Colorado's International Film Series's Handmade Monsters program.

“There’s absolutely no CGI anywhere, in part because of the time [it] was made,” says IFS executive director Pablo Kjolseth. “It’s definitely all handmade, using real things -- puppetry, prosthetics and wire work ― [and] it was unrated. It was one of these weird, quirky horror movies on the fringe that weren’t worrying about the ratings.”

As a bonus for horror-loving cinephiles, a rare 35mm print from a private collection will be used for the screening. It’s a special opportunity to see one of the best zombie movies ever made, the way it was meant to be seen: unrated, uncut, and at 24 frames per second.

Re-Animator rolls at 7:30 p.m. in the basement auditorium of the Visual Arts Complex on the CU-Boulder campus. Tickets are $7, or $6 for seniors and UCB students with ID. For more information, including directions, visit
Thu., Oct. 31, 2013


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