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Must Haves

Crystal Sharp,

owner, SheShe boutique

KissMe mascara

"It acts like a waterproof mascara, but it comes off with warm water. It's fabulous. You can swim in it; you can tan in it and not worry about it running all over your face."

Gabriel Conroy, designer

Large-scale bone, coral or turquoise ethnic jewelry

"I just got back from Bhutan, and I picked up some yak-bone necklaces for my mom and my girlfriend and my sister and my friends. Gucci has a handbag with bone handles, and it's very large, sort of ethnic-y. I think that's very interesting. I see it on the most stylish women."

Dahlia Weinstein, society columnist, Rocky Mountain News

Flower pins

"I just bought these great leather flower pins. I think new and different materials are replacing the Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker big flower pins that she was wearing. They're getting smaller and a little more funky."

Lisa Herzlich, marketing manager, Cherry Creek Shopping Center


"There's not just one thing. I need a whole new outfit, so this is what it would be: A spaghetti-strap flowy top with color or print -- which would be unusual for me, but I'd get it because it'd help update my basic-black wardrobe -- black cropped pants, chandelier earrings, a great tote and hot sunglasses."

Craig Pea and Jay Salas , designers/co-owners, Suavecito's

Lolos, Chuck Taylors

"For us personally, we're pretty simple. But our customers go for Lolos. They gotta have that. Hats are really big, so that's what we stock up on for the summertime. But for Jay and Craig, hell, you gotta have your Chuckies."

BaSheBa Earth, designer, Urban Earth

Crocheted bikini top and matching crocheted big-hole skirt

"That's the bomb for this season, and that's what I've been working on. A beautiful, one-of-a-kind crocheted bikini top and matching big-hole skirt."

Jeremy Silas Ulibarri, designer, Inferno Clothing

White T-shirt

"Rare shoes and a clean, new, white T-shirt. You can never go wrong in the summer if you do this."

Wendy Aiello, owner, Aiello Public Relations and Marketing

Lancme Flash Bronzer

"A fake tan, that's my summer must-have. Lancme's spray-on tan goes on really well; it's easy, and it's a spray, so it distributes evenly."

Nicole Beckett, designer/owner,

Agogo Star

Agogo's Strawberry Sorbet dress

"Featured in the June issue of Cosmo, it just happens to be the dress to have to get Gwen Stefani's cover look. But Cosmo aside, this is my favorite dress, because it is made of light, airy chiffon cut on the bias. Pair it with strappy wedge heels, and a girl is sure to make the scene."


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