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My Fair Lady of Rock

Here’s how producer Britta Laree likes to describe Breach, a new musical from Evolution Theatre Company: “It’s like Pygmalion on acid.” Pygmalion, of course, is the play that inspired the musical My Fair Lady, and Breach offers a similar plotline: An ambitious New York record executive finds a Long Island singer-songwriter and, on a whim, decides to turn her into the Next Big Thing as well as his personal love interest, all the while caring more about her potential and what she represents than who she actually is.

But the production’s backstory is just as intriguing: Conceived seven years ago by playwright Michael Domitrovich, the show morphed into a sort of play with music with the addition of David Nehls, a composer and regular on the Denver theater scene. Then, after a staged reading in New York, the original producer’s personal problems put everything on hold for a few years. Tonight, Breach will finally get its world premiere with Evolution, which picked it up last year.

“It’s not a traditional musical,” Laree notes. “There are no songs that further the storyline — like, ‘Now I’m going to sing about my feelings.’ It’s more of a rock concert wrapped into a play.” And the songs, she promises, are worthy of a concert; the company is planning on packaging them into an album for download.

You can hear them all, and see the entire play, tonight at the Avenue Theater, 417 East 17th Avenue; performances continue Fridays and Wednesdays through May 27. For tickets, $17 to $25, and a complete schedule, call 303-321-5925 or go to
Wednesdays, Fridays, 7:30 p.m.; Mon., May 23, 7:30 p.m. Starts: May 6. Continues through May 27, 2011


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