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New Beginnings

It’s the age-old New Year’s resolution: “This year, I am finally going to get in shape.” Well, here’s an idea: Instead of waiting till Tuesday to start your health kick, head to Genesis Fitness, 1244 East Colfax Avenue, for Free Fitness Saturday, where you can participate in an intense workout for free — and maybe find the method to your weight-loss madness.

“This is one of the toughest workouts you’re ever going to go through,” promises Genesis’s Ron Smith. The instructors are always a surprise, so you could face anyone from a major in the Marines to a two-time Iron Man winner to a former professional tennis player.

“It’s just another way for people to come check it out and see if it’s for them,” Smith continues. “It’s very difficult, so it’s definitely not for everybody. But if you’re look-ing for a butt-kicking…” And he has room to boast: Genesis Fitness was named the Best Butt-Kicking Workout by Westword in 2007.

Workouts start at 9 and 10:30 a.m.; visit or call 303-837-1234.
Saturdays, 9 a.m. Starts: Dec. 1. Continues through Dec. 29, 2007


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