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O, Holy Night

Imagine for a moment that you are Mary, and you're roundly pregnant with your first child — about to pop, as they say — and you and your husband are seeking shelter for the night in a strange town. But there are hundreds of others who need shelter, who have traveled to Bethlehem for tax purposes, and everywhere you stop, there is no room for you. Finally, down to your very last resort, you knock on the door of an inn that's also full. However, the innkeeper can see your condition; he takes pity on you and your husband and allows you to stay in the stables, where there's just enough room for you to go into labor and deliver your child. Talk about your birth plan going awry!

Every year, the Tesoro Foundation (which has partnered with the Christian Life Movement this time around) commemorates Mary and Joseph's search for shelter with Las Posadas. The celebration is a Mexican holiday tradition that's made its way north and takes place at the Fort, 19192 Highway 8 in Morrison. Stop by to pay your respects to the proud parents from 5 to 7 p.m., enjoy a piñata party and indulge in complimentary biscochitos and hot beverages to warm you up. Admission is free; visit or call 303-839-1671.
Mon., Dec. 24, 5 p.m., 2007


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