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Office Space on the Rocks

Office Space made smashing a copy machine seem absurdly badass and made “TPS reports” and "flair” household words. Starting off as a relatively unnoticed box-office fizzle, the movie came into its own when it gained legs as a quotable video cult classic. It's the story of a sedate cubicle monkey, Peter Gibbons, who sleepwalks through his one-bedroom-apartment life until a hypnotist gives him "a more positive outlook,” causing him to break up with his controlling girlfriend, skip work (permanently) and ask out the Kung Fu-loving waitress at the local T.G.I. Friday’s-type restaurant.

Directed by Mike Judge (of Beavis and Butt-head fame), Office Space takes the audience through the soul-sucking minutiae of cubicle life. From Peter's obtuse boss, Bill Lumbergh, to his twitching, mumbling co-worker Milton, Judge creates a caricature of office life that manages to be at once depressing, hilarious and extremely memorable.

What better place to reflect on the drudgeries of cubicle life than the inspiring, anti-office Red Rocks Amphitheatre? That’s where the tenth anniversary of Office Space will be celebrated at tonight’s installment of the Denver Film Society's Film on the Rocks. To put you in the proper anti-authoritarian mood, Gregory Alan Isakov will open the show at 7 p.m. with his brand of indie folk rock; the movie starts at dusk (approximately 9 p.m.). Tickets are $10 to $12; for more information, call 303-595-3456 or go to
Mon., July 13, 7 p.m., 2009


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