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Opposites Attract

Austrian-born photographer Sabin Aell settled in Denver, which she calls “the Wild West,” just a few years ago. But she began making art long before that as a child in the town of Linz. In the ’90s, Aell documented the alternative music scene in Europe — think Rob Zombie in Vienna — but now her subjects are very different.

In her first major Mile High exhibit, Moonwalk / mother & father, at Walker Fine Art, Aell shows altered photographs of flowers. In them, she’s reconciling opposites: The light-shaded images are meant to stand in for Mom, while the dark ones with which they are paired symbolize Dad. (Calling Dr. Freud.) Aell’s production method is wholly compatible with this, as it shares the idea of balancing the disparate.

“Sabin combines different techniques using photography and painting in the same pieces,” gallery director Bobbi Walker explains, “and that’s why this body of work is so delicate, ethereal and beautiful.”

Judge for yourself from 6 to 9 p.m. November 13 at a reception at Walker, in the Prado at 300 West 11th Avenue; the exhibit stays up through January 2. For more info, call 303-355-8955 or go to
Nov. 13-Jan. 2, 2009


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