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Oscar Wild

It's that time of year again. No, not the holiday season: It's time for you to get your ass in gear and watch all of the Oscar-nominated films so you can appear to be the educated one at your annual Academy Awards viewing party. "But how will I ever find all of these films?" we hear you asking. We know; some of them have been out of theaters — and not yet released on DVD — for months. And besides, it's just not the same watching them in your living room, no matter how big your flat-screen HDTV is.

But never fear: The Aspen Film Academy Screenings Program is here to help. Every year, all Academy nominees get screen time up in the high country, so if you missed The Hurt Locker or even the Denver Film Festival's screening of Precious, now's your chance to catch up. The program kicks off tonight with The Wildest Dream at 5:30 p.m. and Nine at 8 at Aspen’s Harris Concert Hall; tickets are $12. You can buy yours in advance at 970-920-5770 or; for a full program of events, visit
Wed., Dec. 23, 2009


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