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Pas de Deux

Hinterland sometimes throws intriguing shows that pair the works of two artists; for the latest, the gallery’s Sabin Aell juxtaposes large-scale, slow-exposure camera obscura cityscapes by Bailey Russel with detailed ink works on paper by his friend Mark Ritchie, who’s influenced by more delicate Islamic and Byzantine vistas. At first look, they seem as different as night and day.

“Bailey’s work is trying to capture something huge on a big format. Mark’s work, on the other hand, comes from his fascination with folded Asian paper screens and Islamic miniatures, which come from a world that’s shrunken down and folded up,” Aell explains. “He uses just ink and paper, and Bailey uses light in a minimal way, not even using a camera. The work of both is daring and direct, as is their use of subject matter. I like the contrast between their work seen at first and second glimpse, and how similar their intentions seem once you look deeper.”

The untitled show opens with a reception tonight from 6 to 11 p.m. at Hinterland, 3254 Walnut Street, and continues through December 7; visit Hinterland online at
Nov. 17-Dec. 7, 2012


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