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Peachy Keen

I grew up on Palisade peaches. My grandma lives in the area, and every summer we would have to make the excruciating journey out to see her. After five dreary hours on I-70 — being forced to endure Sting and Annie Lennox the entire time — Palisade's peach groves would pop into sight, and like Pavlov's dog I would start drooling all over the passenger window. These peaches are so good that when the dribble of juice rolls down your chin from the first bite, world peace seems possible.

Palisade's Peach Festival begins today, a celebration of the best weekend in the peach season, when the little balls of gold are dangling on the tree just waiting to become a delicious cobbler or jam. Loads of peach-centric activities will be happening throughout the weekend, including peach-eating races, peach recipe contests and a five-mile peach run. Check out for a look at the whole schedule. And if you see my grandma out there, tell her I said "Hi."
Aug. 16-19


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