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Phoenix Rising

Some people might say that including a countdown on my MySpace page of the days, hours, minutes and seconds until July 13 — the day that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix hits movie theaters — is a little obsessive, particularly for a 25-year-old. Those same people might also opine that holding a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Extravaganza in December is a wee bit early, perhaps even excessive. But I — and others who are not ashamed of our growing excitement and anticipation — merely scoff at these party-poopers. Our enthusiasm will not be curbed!

Starting today at 10:30 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m., the children's department at the Boulder Public Library, 1000 Canyon Boulevard, will once more be transfigured into Hogwarts. There will be wand-making, magical creatures, and opportunities to actually join the Order — something not even Harry, Hermione or Ron have been able to do thus far! And to further whet our appetites, the first four films will screen in the Canyon Theater.

Clearly, a celebration of this magnitude must stretch on for at least two days, so the Order celebration will continue tomorrow at the same time. The first and second films will unspool today, the third and fourth tomorrow; the films get progressively darker and contain increasingly mature subject matter, so alternate activities for little witches and wizards will be held tomorrow — including a workshop on teaching dragons to fly. Hagrid would be jealous.

The extravaganza is free; for more information, call 303-441-3100 or visit
Wed., Dec. 27; Thu., Dec. 28


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