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Play Time

Whether you're after art, local music or quirky theater, Bolder Nights will bring them all together as part of a monthly series at the Nomad Theater. Now in its second month, Bolder Nights will begin its March edition with an art exhibit from local painter and comic artist Aaron McKissen and a live music performance from Jillian and the Gentle Americans. But the real meat of the evening is the innovative theater. The first is the Play-in-a-Day format, in which two entire plays are created in one day -- from writing to directing to memorization and, finally, performance.

Following the whirlwind productions, Bolder Serial will perform the second installment of Paper Castles, an episodic sitcom on stage. "The actors have done such a fabulous job," says producer Vonalda Utterback. "It's a little bit like a soap opera in that you get really involved in these characters' lives." Following four main characters in a failing bookstore, the show comes complete with a tumultuous love story, a character in a wheelchair who may or may not be able to walk again, and magic muffins that make everyone who eats them a little happier. And after the play, you'll get to help decide what happens to the characters. The theater will hold an audience talk-back after the show and take comments into consideration for the next installment on April 8.

Bolder Nights begins tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Nomad Theater, 1410 Quince Avenue in Boulder. For information and tickets -- $17, or $12 for students and seniors -- go to
Sun., March 11, 6:30 p.m., 2012


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