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Political Molding

“Everything is political, to a certain extent,” notes Kim Harrell, owner of East End Applied Arts. That concept is the driving force behind the current exhibition at her gallery, Paint, Clay and Politics. Featuring the paintings of Theresa A. Anderson and the ceramic sculpture of Flora Curells Benzal, the exhibit addresses our place within the big picture of society. Today, Theresa A. Anderson will meet for an informal discussion, part of East End Applied Arts’ Tea & Talk program. “What she’s done in this series of painting — it’s very much about memory and connecting, and when you look at the photographs, there’s a real undercurrent, the tension between the abstract elements and the figurative elements,” explains Harrell of Anderson’s work. “I think what happens is, as you’re looking at it, you find yourself thinking about the colors as emotion, and the figurative images; you start getting the connections. Technically, she’s incredibly talented. She really has the textural painting techniques, and the political experience comes from her connecting her past with her present.” Benzal won’t be at Tea & Talk, but be sure to check out her sculptures, created when her husband was serving as a soldier in Iraq. Tea & Talk takes place from 2 to 4 p.m.; it’s free and open to the public. Visit or call 720-203-3575.
May 5-April 30, 2008


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