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Pot Heads at the CVA

Japanese ceramics have had a tremendous impact worldwide, and their aesthetic of elegant simplicity has been especially influential on artists in the United States. That means that Soaring Voices: Recent Ceramics by Women From Japan, at Metro State’s Center for Visual Art, is something worth checking out for anyone interested in clay.

“I haven’t done a ceramics show at CVA, so I’m excited to be doing one that’s as exclusive as this,” says gallery director Jennifer Garner. “An interesting fact about the show is that many of the crates that came in were marked ‘Restricted,’ with two curators having come from Japan to oversee the unpacking of them. I think this demonstrates the high caliber of art that’s in this show.” Garner also notes that the exhibit reveals a shift in Japanese attitudes about the field of ceramics, which has heretofore been dominated by men. Only in recent times has there been appreciation for women artists in the medium.

Soaring Voices continues at the CVA, 965 Santa Fe Drive, through November 16. To learn more about the show, call 303-294-5207 or go to
Sept. 9-Nov. 16, 2010


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