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Ranting and Raving

“Whenever I’m asked, ‘Who makes you laugh?’ or ‘Who would you pay to see?’ I don’t hesitate for a moment,” wrote George Carlin shortly before his death. “Lewis Black! He’s got it all: brains, balls and chops. And he sees through all the bullshit.”

Carlin was just one in a legion of comics and comedy fans who adore Black’s roaring temperament and riotous rants about social and political issues. Indeed, the Daily Show regular, Comedy Central host, best-selling author and star of two HBO specials attracts audiences made up of both teenagers and their parents, grandparents and their grandkids, husbands and wives. “He tackles topics and life in a very open and honest way,” says his tour manager, Benjamin Brewer. “Audiences feel connected to him.”

Stark Raving Black, Black’s first feature-length concert film, offers audiences in select markets (and for a limited time) a connection to his standup via ten high-def cameras and 5.1 Surround Sound. “Nothing is cooked like a special shot for TV,” Brewer says of the production, which captured two performances in August at the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit. “It was all done with the idea that standup is such a pure art form that it shouldn’t be watered down for television.”

Stark Raving Black plays at 8 p.m. today and again on October 13 at the Southlands Stadium 16 in Aurora and the Bowles Crossing 12 in Littleton. Tickets are $10 and very limited; get more information at
Thu., Oct. 8, 2009


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