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Rock On

Die-hard Monty Python and the Holy Grail fans hoping to take those dusty coconut shells off the shelf this summer for Film on the Rocks will have to wait another year, as will families banking on an animated or G-rated feature for the kids. It's not that the Denver Film Society is turning its back on these groups; it's just, well, more complicated than that.

"We try to vary the schedule every summer," says Britta Erickson, spokeswoman for the Society. "Quite frankly, everyone could give an opinion about the films — and I assure you, everyone does — and everyone wants to program Film on the Rocks. But in reality, Film on the Rocks is not that title-driven. It's about the experience of seeing a film in this great outdoor venue and being able to go to Red Rocks for an affordable price."

And besides, the schedule is far from weak. Tonight's showing of Pulp Fiction, with musical opener the Beloved Invaders, kicks off a summer of choice flicks — most notably, Sixteen Candles, The Big Lebowski (with Zebra Junction and comedian Josh Blue) and The Shining. Mr. Pacman and Born in the Flood make musical appearances, as does resident foulmouth and nationally touring comedian Chuck Roy, who will host the whole series. Plus, there's a yet-to-be-announced surprise screening in August, and if the Monty Python junkies know what's good for them, they'll make themselves heard between now and then.

All tickets (advance purchase or night-of) are $10. Doors open at 6 p.m., with opening entertainment at 7 p.m. and the film at dusk (9 p.m.). Get tickets and the full schedule at or


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