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Rox Star

Everyone knows it’s good for the community to support local businesses and projects, especially in these economic times. Well, here’s an opportunity to put your money where your “buy local” mouth is: The world premiere of the brand-new Olivia Rox! — an independent film that was shot entirely in Boulder, using an all-local cast and crew — is taking place tonight in Boulder. Movies just don’t get more community-oriented than that!

Olivia Rox! tells the family-friendly story of ten-year-old Olivia Roxamillion, or Olivia Rox for short (played by local singer-songwriter Olivia Hill). There’s trouble in Olivia’s town: Puppies are missing, and the animal shelter, already close to bankruptcy, will be forced to close if the mystery isn’t solved.

Olivia is helped by her father, Dr. Rox (critically acclaimed musician Warren Hill), an off-the-wall scientist/inventor who’s in charge of designing top-secret projects for Uncle Sam himself. She’s got to figure out who stole the puppies; it could be the sinister Sly Fox, who wants animals for scientific testing, or Miss Incutane, owner of the animal shelter, who could be selling the puppies secretly to animal testers in order to keep her business open. Meanwhile, somehow the money must be raised to help keep the shelter open. Will Olivia’s brand-new song, which she’ll reveal at the benefit concert, be able to raise the funds? And furthermore, is Boulder the home of the new and improved Hannah Montana? Find out at 6 p.m. at the Boulder Theater, 2032 14th Street; tickets are $10 to $18. Call 303-786-7030 or visit
Mon., Sept. 14, 6 p.m., 2009


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