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Run for Your Life

You know The Zombie Survival Guide backward and forward. You've seen all the classic zombie films a dozen times. Your zombie apocalypse plan is worked out, down to the smallest details. There's just one more thing to do: a practice run. Get the experience you need to survive the real thing at the Zombie Run, a 5K race through a cinematic zombie hellscape crafted to re-create the best moments of the undead canon.

"A lot of other races that have zombies are heavy on obstacles or mud, stuff like that. We wanted to focus more on the actual story — trying to make the race look and feel like a zombie movie," explains Andrew Hudis, the race's co-founder. "We try to pull the best elements from all of our favorite zombie movies and build them straight into the run itself."

To that end, the race will turn City Park into a ghoul-infested wasteland, complete with wrecked cars, a circling helicopter and, naturally, tons of zombies. Survive the race and there's a Quarantine Party afterward to celebrate. If you don't survive...well, zombies probably have fun, too.

The race starts at 9 a.m. in City Park, East 17th Avenue and York Street. Registration is $50 for individuals, or $45 per member for teams. All ages are welcome. For registration and more information, visit

Sun., July 28, 2013


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