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Samba and Sauces

It's an age-old lovers' conundrum: You want to gastronomically spice things up with your significant other, but lately your kitchen creations have been less than romantically inspired. Doing the whole Lady and the Tramp pasta-slurp thing is so passé. Sushi is sexy, but not when you have to make it yourself in a muddle of sticky rice and bamboo rollers. And those big, greasy smothered burritos? Talk about anti-Viagra.

Here's a creative solution: Brazilian cuisine. Those Latin lovers are known for heating things up in the kitchen as well as on the dance floor. See for yourself tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Couples Cook: Romance in Brazil, a class sponsored by the City of Aurora at the Expo Recreation Center, 10955 East Exposition Avenue. The three-hour lesson costs $62 per person or $112 per couple (or $48 and $92 for Aurora residents); for more information, call 303-326-8630 or go to


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