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Seeing Pink

If you absolutely cannot stand burlesque beauties of both genders teasing and tantalizing you while you sip on a delicious, unique cocktail made with the freshest ingredients available, then here's a piece of advice: Stay far, far away from the Pink Elephant Room at 1515 Madison Street. And absolutely do not go anywhere near the premises tonight or tomorrow night, because it's reserved for the Pink Elephant Room's Grand Opening Party. That means plenty of the aforementioned cocktails, plus a special Shimmy Shaker Show featuring a range of Denver's best burlesquers (including Burlesque As It Was, Oracle Dance, TribalTique Bellydance, Orchid Mei and Peggy Tulane, and hosted by Mr. Exotic World 2008, Charlie Champale).

"I felt like there was a growing demand and a growing audience for burlesque," explains the Elephant's Anika Zappe, "and I'm really coming into it from the side of the gourmet cocktails. I've been a bartender for a long time, and I'm really interested in making tasty drinks."

So don't give the drinks short shrift: Zappe's handcrafted Dama Mala margarita includes Corazón tequila, Ruby Red grapefruit juice and fresh habanero syrup, to name just a few ingredients. "We're going for an old-school, speakeasy, gin-joint feel," says Zappe, "so I thought it was important to touch on some of the old cocktails as well. We've updated them."

Stop by the Room tonight or tomorrow night for the party; the show starts at 10 p.m. and features a different lineup each night. Tickets are $10, and for now, everything is cash-only. Make reservations at 303-394-1515 and visit for information.
Fri., Jan. 25; Sat., Jan. 26, 2008


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