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Sheep Chic

You probably won't spot Bob Beauprez's running mate, Janet Rowland, at the twentieth annual Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials. After all, ever since Rowland blurted out that blessing gay marriage might lead to "a man marrying a sheep," it's been obvious that she's got a serious case of the sheepy heebie-jeebies. For her, all those horny, woolly quadrupeds prowling around Rio Blanco County this week have to be more terrifying than a gay-pride parade.

If Rowland does find herself at the Meeker Classic, which opens today and runs through Sunday, September 10, she'll be glad to know that championship sheepdogs will keep all those downy louts from whisking her off to a pastoral honeymoon suite. The baaa-ing brutes will be too busy being expertly herded around fences and through gates by the clever canines to be flashing bedroom eyes at anybody.

With the prized pups standing guard, Rowland and everyone else will be free to enjoy the competition, wander through the craft fair and food booths and listen to bluegrass and bagpipers. (For her own sake, though, we recommend that the candidate stay away from the petting farm.) The Classic takes place just west of downtown Meeker on Highway 13; tickets to the fluffy fun start at $10 for a single-day pass. For more information, call 1-970-878-5510 or visit
Sept. 6-10


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