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Show Your Love

Word has it that even the Denver Art Museum’s Christoph Heinrich considered entering the contest to be Pirate honcho Phil Bender’s Valentine’s Day dream date at CORE gallery’s opening for The Love Show. But let’s just call this next part total hearsay: He didn’t do it because the application required him to send a picture of his feet. You see, he feels his “feet are too big and hairy.” And anyway, as show executor Dana Cain notes, “This will be a must-see show, just for the art itself,” even without the attendant hoopla that will ensue when Phil and mystery date pull up in their limo during the kickoff soirée.

A two-part extravaganza, The Love Show, which opened February 25, includes both a juried exhibition of love-inspired works and an invitational sideshow of artwork and relationship memorabilia from five notable local art couples (including jurors Chandler Romeo and Reed Weimer). “It’s as much about love as it is about art,” Cain concludes, and that means it’s way better than sitting at home with a box of Kleenex. Oh, and if you do feel that way about Valentine’s Day, come to today's closing Break-Up Reception, where tissues (and a themed soundtrack of sappy breakup songs) will be provided as the works come off the wall, from 1 to 4 p.m.

CORE New Art Space is at 900 Santa Fe Drive; for details, go to or call 303-297-8428.
Feb. 12-28, 2010


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